BroadwayWorld NJ Winner: Best Touring Production

Romeo & Juliet


August/September 2020

Michael is playing The Duke in a Trailer-park-inspired Measure for Measure


...directing a James Bond-inspired TEMPEST with Black Box PAC outdoors, FREE, and Covid-protocoled!

Skeeball Jerry in

The Bunker

(returning to Black Box PAC soon...)

"Our storytelling has to get more rowdy 'cause it is a f-ing rowdy time. Let’s stop pretending that we understand the world that we are in."
—Robert Askins

SkeeBall Jerry is a noted raconteur, patriot, leper, and SkeeBall coach. A resilient survivalist, he has survived such harrowing experiences as a Turkish prison, a lecture about macroeconomics in a post-post capitalist society, and a Vietnam War... recruitment center in Albuquerque, NM. A lover of the gladiatorial sport of skeeball, he has reluctantly taken a hiatus from his usual duties, to share his survival and life tips with you for a small nominal sum of “a rim j and $17.” SkeeBall is a proud member of AEA, SackAftra, MLA, the FDA, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. He wishes to thank his agent Gardin Michaelson, and his mama for forgetting to have that abortion. "Peas and love" —SBJ.

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