Hand to God with Black Box Studios

"Michael Gardiner portrays Jason and the menacing puppet Tyrone brilliantly as he is forced to jump back and forth between the two characters during scenes within seconds. His intense tennis match of depicting the naïve and heartbroken Jason, to the sadistic, foul mouthed puppet, Tyrone is impressively seamless."


-Gina Zenyuch,

Romeo & Juliet

"...with background guitar music, the performers bring humor, enthusiasm, vibrancy, bawdiness, tenderness, and athleticism to a tale of star-crossed lovers...the lighting sound and scenery enhance to collaborative effort."

-Bill Orr, Teaneck Today


"Particularly strong performance from...Michael Gardiner (Iago)..."

-Bill Orr, Teaneck Today

Bad Jews

"Gardiner's quietness brings appropriate gravitas."

-Adam Cohen,

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